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If you're a Monthly Member or long-term part of our fitness community, you'll find some useful resources here in making the most of your time as part of our fit family at F45 Tower Bridge. Don't be shy to chat to Adam or Ant about how your membership is working for you, we always value your feedback and know the power of a conversation. Thanks for your continued support being part of our community!

Welcome officially to F45 Tower Bridge as a Member! We're thrilled to have you a part of our fit little fam and look forward to smashing your fitness goals with you. Here's some important short bits and reminders about our studio as a member…
We would like everyone to achieve their fitness goals. So that every member has the opportunity to train at their desired time and members on the wait-list can be moved onto class, we discourage no-shows and late cancellations with penalties as part of our agreed terms in purchasing services from F45 Tower Bridge. A copy of these terms can also be found at http://FFFTB.co.uk/newmembers/#classbookingrules

Booking Rules

As a part of our community, we kindly request you respect all members by following our class booking rules:

• You agree to 'OPT IN' for email notifications for 'Reminders & Schedule Changes' in your F45 Tower Bridge online profile account.
• You must cancel outside of the late cancellation window to avoid penalty fees.
• If you are booked into a class and do not show a 'No Show Fee' applies.
• It is a member's responsibility to Check-In on the studio iPad upon arrival to class or risk a 'No Show' or 'Late Cancellation' automatically being registered.
• 'No Show' or 'Late Cancellation' on an Introductory Offer or Experience your pass may be subject to immediate cancellation.
• 'Wait List' is an opt-in automated feature, you will automatically be added to the class as soon as a place becomes available and notified by email.
• It is a member's responsibility to cancel out of any alternative class booked if you are automatically moved onto an alternative wait-listed class.
• You cannot wait list on multiple classes on the same day, F45 Tower Bridge reserve the right to cancel your wait list on multiple wait-listed classes.
• F45 Tower Bridge cannot guarantee a place if you choose to 'Show Up' for a class without making a confirmed booking and you may be turned away.
• Penalty fees are automated, you agree to self check-in on the member's iPad upon arrival.
• F45 Tower Bridge reserve the right to charge penalty fees at their discretion irrespective of notice given within the late cancellation window.
• There is a ZERO grace policy on peak-hour classes.
• Any 'Fee' is automatically taken via D/D or card on file.

Penalty Fees
Late Cancellation Fee - Morning & Weekend Classes
• 6 hour cancellation window prior to the published start time.
• We suggest you cancel 'Before-You-Go-To-Bed'.
• £5 Late Cancel Fee.

Late Cancellation Fee - Lunch & Evening Classes
• 1.5 hour cancellation window prior to the published start time.
• £5 Late Cancel Fee.

No-Show Fee (All Classes)
• Booked but you do not attend the class.
• £15 No Show Fee.

Wait-Lists: if you choose to enroll, it's your responsibility to:
• Check if you've been added to the class after the Late Cancellation window closes.
• Cancel out of any alternative classes you may have booked and no longer want to attend.
• Penalties still apply to all bookings outside the cancellation window.
• If you're added to a class after the 'Late Cancellation' window closes and don't make it – you won't be liable for penalty fee.
Membership Suspension Rules:

⭕ Suspensions are permitted on 6 Month Memberships or more.
⭕ Exemptions must be prior agreed in writing by F45 Tower Bridge.
⭕ Indefinite open-ended suspensions are not permitted.
⭕ We require an end date for your suspension period.
⭕ Open Suspensions are permitted for medical reasons with certificate.
⭕ If permitted, you must return and complete your membership or subject to cancellation terms.
⭕ There is no retrospective suspensions (i.e. suspensions cannot be back dated).
⭕ We require 14 days' notice for all suspensions other than medical grounds.
⭕ Minimum Suspension period is 1 Week.
⭕ Maximum Suspension period is 2 Weeks per 6 month period.
Your Contact Details...
I would like to request suspension my Membership.
Whats Your Name?
Your Email
Your Phone Contact
Suspension Start Date
(Inclusive Dates – ie. First Day you will NOT be in the studio)
Suspension End Date
(Inclusive Dates – ie. Last Day you will NOT be in the studio)
Reason for Suspension...
Membership Cancellation Terms:

⭕ We require 30 days' notice to cancel your membership as per our agreement terms.
⭕ 30 Days notice is irrespective of the scheduled payment date for your membership.
⭕ If you have signed up on a monthly membership this will automatically renew at the end of agreement on the same terms if you do not give us 30 days written notice.
⭕ When you cancel your account you will lose any discounted or foundation member lifetime pricing you may have.
⭕ If at any stage you wish to become a member again, your membership pricing will be the published membership rates at that time.
Your Contact Details...
I would like to request Cancellation of my Membership.
Whats Your Name?
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My Last Day in the Studio will be:
(Inclusive Dates – ie. This is the last day you will train.)
The reason I am cancelling my account is :
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