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Welcome to the member resources page for existing and new members of F45 Tower Bridge. We are proud to be part of the world's biggest functional training network. Located right by Tower Bridge approach (city-side) opposite Tower of London and a short walk from Tower Hill tube. We look forward to welcoming you to our fitness community like no other. Let's do this!
An iconic group training concept, 45 minutes of High Intensity, Interval based Functional Training in a Team Environment.
The most innovative, challenging and systemised team training workout in the world that keep our members coming back for more. Our workouts are designed to unify the muscle groups of the body and to make you look, move and perform better in all aspects of your life. Our classes are high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts that use functional cardio and strength movements that will quickly improve your fitness, whatever level you are. Personal attention from our expert trainers during the classes mean it's like personal training, but in a group.
Functional Training is the engagement in exercises that mimic or recreate everyday movement. These types of exercises typically involve the use of your full body and multiple muscle groups. This style of training builds and sculpts lean, functional muscle – Lifting, Squatting, Jumping, Twisting, Pulling, Pushing, Punching, Kicking, Rowing, Biking – all of these movements qualify as "Functional". Get ready for 45 minutes of high intensity intervals in a structured team training class environment.
The fixed, 45 minute duration of our workouts exists to provide a timing structure to maximize our members' growth and progress. Our daily workouts vary the amount of exercise stations, the Work Time / Rest Time ratio and the number of repetitions through the "Exercise Circuit" of each day. This provides a challenging workout for our clientele that is always evolving and never the same.
Our workouts are fueled and organized by the robust technology systems that we have in place in all of our studios. A series of TV's mounted on the front wall of our studios provide an organized, station-by-station diagram for each daily workout. With the guidance and motivation of two Trainers every session, this system is a visual tool for our members to progress from exercise station to station throughout the workout. Combined with exclusive Lionheart Rate monitoring technology that tracks your progress, keeps you competitive and moving with the team! Learn More about Lionheart Rate Technology.
The employment of our Functional Training, Circuit workouts in a Team Training atmosphere is the final factor fueling the workout's dynamism. The motivation and encouragement in a Group Training facility create a pulsing, upbeat environment where goals are met and exceeded. Communities promoting fitness, good health and growth are forged around the world and are the source of our strength as an international brand.
Merging 3 separate leading-edge fitness training styles into one, consummate and compelling group training experience. We combine elements of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training, and Functional Training. The fusion of these three training concepts has lead to the development of 27 different, 45 minute workout experiences, with more in development by our Athletics Department. This combination of interval, cardiovascular and strength training has been proven to be the most effective workout method for burning fat and building lean muscle.
We've gained a cult following of A-Listers and they love it. From LA to London and down-under to Sydney, big name celebrities have the bug and keep coming back for more. Nicole Kidman, Joel Madden, Ricky Martin, Sam Smith and a very worthwhile mention for our very own Aussie Hugh Jackman. Ever wondered how Mr Jackman maintained that Wolverine body? If it's good enough for Hugh, it's good enough for you!
8 Week Challenge Membership
£210 [per 4 weeks/total £420]
The F45 8-Week Challenge is a great way to give purpose to training and a goal to strive for. Kick start your fitness journey towards a healthier, leaner and stronger version of yourself and receive support and motivation from strong community in our studio.

2020 Challenge Dates at Tower Bridge:
• CH25: 03 Feb - 29 Mar (Next Program)
• CH26: 27 Apr - 21 Jun
• CH27: 20 Jul - 13 Sep
• CH28: 12 Oct - 06 Dec

* Two Payments - 1st Up-Front, 2nd at Week 5. Upon transacting you'll receive a confirmation email with further details to prepare you for the 8 Week Challenge. * Early Bird Promo Available What'sAPP +447479013235 for details. The perfect warm-up to Challenge.
4 Week Shred
£189 [Equates to £6.75 per class / Training 7 Days per Week]
Our 4 Week Shred gets results. An effective program to shed extra pounds you've been wanting rid off or tone up. Perfect as a stand alone short program or prep for the 8-Week Challenge that begins immediately after. Includes 4 Weeks Training (no ongoing commitment). Optional Two Accuniq Body Composition Scan Analysis at Weeks 1 & 4 at £40.

2020 4 Week Shred Dates at Tower Bridge:
Winter Shred: 06 Jan - 02 Feb
Easter Shred: 30 Mar - 26 Apr
Summer Shred: 22 Jun - 19 Jul
Autumn Shred: 14 Sep - 11 Oct

* EARLY BIRD CODE - Start shredding early. What's APP Adam +447479013235 for details.
Come jump around with us to see why F45 was voted 'Best London Fitness Class' by GQ Magazine and experience why our Members love being a part of our fitness community! F45 is a proven training system combining Functional Movement and High Intensity Interval Training that not only gets real results but changes people's lives & attitude towards fitness and themselves. We are also home to the infamous Global 8 Week Challenge - the ultimate training & nutrition program.
Natural Light, No Basement, Open Rectangular Training Floor, No Pillars, Air-Conditioning, High Spec Change-Room Facilities with Underfloor Heating, Digital Lockers, Toiletries, Blow Dryers and Hair Straighteners.
The training aspect of what we offer is obviously key, but we recognise the whole member experience needs to be on point from beginning to end, right down to presentation and wanting to know your name.
We're a friendly bunch! Proud to have created a second home for our members and developed a culture that keeps your weekly attendance high. Join any of the Member Chat Forums. Real People. Real Results.
We all go to the gym wanting to get something out of it (results), which is important. But we have to have fun along the way or it doesn't work. There is no good or bad, we help to make better choices at F45TB.
Thumbs up tried and tasted, available daily and on-demand featuring F45 Challenge Shakes when they appear on the meal plan taking the hassle out of your morning food prep. Order before, collect & pay after class.
4 Challenges per year. Access to the Challenge is included as a Monthly Member plus a one-off payment for In-Studio Accuniq Body Scans at Weeks 1 & 8 including our infamous Medal Presentation and Party.
We like to share the F45TB love. If you sign up as a Monthly Member you're entitled to Bring-A-Friend for Free with our 'Friendly Friday' OR £5 any day with 'Friendly Fiver'. Rules are Once Only per Friend per Class.
We are a community based studio and encourage member to come with a can-do and friendly manner. Hosted every quarter culminating the end of 8 Week Challenge, a chance to let your hair down and party like it's 99!
If you're training intensively, you may need additional therapy to assist mobility and recovery. Focused sessions that aide movement, performance and technique whilst complementing your functional training.
Who needs rest days?! Sundays are officially the new Mondays. Fit in an added or alternative hybrid (strength & cardio) workout and ease your schedule during the work week by jumping around with us on a Sunday.
We don't charge for sweat or shower towels. We know you want to be challenged but also appreciate the softer touches like towels, posh shower products and toiletries like deodorant, wet bags, styling products and clips.
We champion local and small business. Lulu Lemon, Lorna Jane, Whatever It Takes, Fresh Fitness Foods, Natural Kitchen, Urban Baristas are just some of the partners we've secured our members benefits and incentives.
F45 Tower Bridge

4 Quay Level International House
1 St. Katharine's Way
London E1W 1UN
+44 7479 013 235

Located 150m from Tower Hill Tube and Tower Gateway DLR on the exterior of International House. Looking at International House Lobby, go left and we are located 20m along the pathway on the right just before Cote Restaurant directly opposite Tower of London.
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